Identity, Belonging and Transgender LGBTQ Youth (Part 2)!

Check out part 2 of my podcast interview with She Geeks Out 

It is an honor to be the first interviewer to have two episodes on their show! I love their mission, “to create an inclusive culture that values and upholds diversity. We connect passionate individuals from all walks of life. We provide the guidance necessary to help develop talents and skills to enact organizational transformations. She Geeks Out supports a welcoming network, enables mentorship, supports girls, advances women, and encourages every woman to proudly fly their geek flag.”

My geek flag would include lots of bright colors (especially apple green) and an image of a book! If you listen to the podcast, you will see how much I love reading (mostly fiction) and how books saved my life! Reading helped me move away from English as a Second Language (ESL), now called English Language Learners (ELL), low reading groups, and from the label of the “dumb” kid.  (Hence, why I also love testing children and adolescents for learning challenges/strengths and providing recommendations for immediate interventions!)