COVID-19 Support for Mental Health, Bereavement and Grief

The Center for Disaster Philanthropy invited me to speak on the intersection of COVID-19, LGBTQ+ communities and humanitarian aid workers.

Some of the questions included:

-Dr. Diep, you have a lot of international experience as well as your current practice in the U.S. How does what you are seeing compare to prior disasters you have experienced?

-As we know from the reported statistics, COVID-19 is a disease that is disproportionately affecting different communities, a factor which is embedded in health access, poverty, gender and race. This appears to be the time for philanthropy to double down on supporting vulnerable populations and at-risk communities. Who are some of these communities in need, and what should funders understand about funding mental health services?

-When we think of first responders working on the frontlines of the pandemic, we often imagine fire departments, EMTs, physicians and other medical care providers. What are their mental health needs and the needs of those who are providing their mental health care?

-There are also people who have not been sick, have not known someone who died, have not lost their jobs, but are chafing at other factors related to the pandemic such as public health requirements or social isolation. They might be experiencing generalized worry about the world or guilt at their good fortune. What do you recommend as good coping skills for these persons?

Check out the video to listen to what I have to say to these important questions!