I am board certified in Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology. My clinical experiences with children include pre-doctoral and post-doctoral fellowships at USC and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) and numerous other practicum sites. Before becoming a psychologist, I worked as a tutor, mentor, camp counselor, teacher, nanny, and tennis coach for more than 20 years.

My approach to working with children is through curiosity, collaboration, and cultivating a safe relationship with your child where they feel seen, heard, and validated. I draw from many theories, including attachment, trauma, and family systems dynamics.

I initially meet with parents/caregivers for a thorough intake assessment, where we review your child’s developmental, medical, and developmental history. I will also obtain a release of information (ROI) forms to speak with any teachers, pediatricians, medical providers, etc. that can provide multiple perspectives of your child. From there, I have you introduce me to your child, and we interact together as a team.

During the subsequent sessions, I will meet with the child alone (if they are comfortable). I encourage children to express themselves through games, story-telling, books, and other modalities. I create a unique treatment plan that is specific to their struggles and strengths. If there are any concerns, I bring the parent back into the room for the child to express themselves. There will also be adjunctive family therapy sessions as needed.

My specialties with children include anxiety, depression, perfectionism, acting-out behaviors, and gender identity concerns (see LGBTQ+ section). I am a gender-affirming provider and will use the name and pronouns your child requests.