Black Lives Matter. Together, We Rise.

My work and values are grounded in anti-racism, DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion), and social justice. I invite you to join me and become an agent of change and ally.

Personally and professionally, I often hear, “How can I be an ally?” What does it mean to be an upstander? What can I do to learn more?”

Let’s focus on the last question first. Let’s focus on self-examination and self-inquiry before action. One question I would encourage you to ask yourself is, “Are there any conscious or unconscious biases I have towards a certain group?”

Sit with whatever arises. Sit with that discomfort.

And then ask yourself, “When, where, and from whom did I learn this?”

Sit with whatever arises. Sit with that discomfort and whatever feelings may arise.

A belief is a thought that has been repeated over and over.

What are some new beliefs about Asian Americans, Black Americans or any other marginalized communities you would like to adopt?

Focus on cleaning your side of the street first before telling others how to clean theirs.