Huong Diep, PsyD, ABPP

Huong like Hong Kong

Diep like Johnny Depp

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Short Version:

Dr. Diep is a bilingual (English/Spanish) board-certified psychologist who specializes in global mental health utilizing a culturally sensitive, trauma-informed model that promotes strength and resiliency. She graduated from UCLA and the University of Denver with an emphasis in International Disaster Psychology. Dr. Diep served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the rural mountains of Peru and has lived, worked, and traveled to over 40 countries. She is passionate about the intersection of language, gender, and culture and providing gender-affirming care to the LGBTQ+ community.

Long Version:

I grew up in an immigrant household in Orange County, California. I quickly learned to navigate two worlds: my home where I spoke Vietnamese and was expected to abide by a specific set of norms and cultural expectations and my American world at school where I had a completely different set of expectations to fit in with my peers.  Little did I know then that these experiences would be the breeding ground of building such skillsets as empathy, observation, and an insatiable curiosity to learn about others.

My parents encouraged me to pursue a career as a medical doctor because it was seen as a stable career choice. Luckily, I quickly discovered that I did not like the sight of blood while volunteering at a hospital. I explored different paths in public health, nutrition, humanitarian work, and grass-roots community development.

However, the common denominator was always my interest in people and culture.  I wanted to use both my personal and professional experiences to help others become their best selves.

Since 2007, I have had the fortune of pursuing my passions in the mental health field by working in schools/universities, hospitals, and numerous community mental health centers. I work from an evidence-based, culturally-competent, and trauma-informed lens while providing therapy and assessments to children, adolescents, and their families.

I see myself as a bridge to help (re)connect individuals, couples, and families to each other and their communities.

My Approach

As a Vietnamese/Chinese-American, Spanish-speaking, board-certified psychologist who has lived, worked, and traveled to more than 40 countries, I have a unique perspective on culture, language, gender, and the mental health struggles that impact different groups.

I utilize a trauma-informed approach with interventions that are based on research and highlight your unique strengths.  I see myself as a guide in a very collaborative journey with you and your family.

Next Steps…

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