AAPI Mental Health: Impacts of Racial Trauma and How To Heal in Community

EducAsian Livestream Series: Mental Health – The Impact of Anti-Asian Racism with Patranya Bhoolsuwan

Amidst the pandemic and increased racism, it’s more important than ever for the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community to take care of their mental health.

The Nevada-based Asian Community Development Council invited me to speak about the impacts of racial trauma on AAPI mental health and strategies to take care of ourselves and our communities during this time.

Thank you, Patranya, for taking the time to speak with me! Before the livestream, Patranya and I bonded over the experiences of being asked to change our name. I am so glad you stayed true to your roots and values!

Here are some key time-stamps for important topics/sections.

2:00- Introduction & why I gained additional licensure in NV to support AAPI communities

5:00- What might be going on with AAPI mental health right now

8:30- Potential barriers to why AAPI folks don’t seek mental health services

9:30- Sharing my personal experience with therapy 15 years ago

11:30- Coping strategies, including recognizing the impact of building resilience within a broken system

15:30- Importance of reaching out and finding community. Pros/cons of social media and possible effects on AAPI mental health

18:00- What can allies do to support?

20:20- Signs of struggles/concerns, especially for youth. Things to watch out for, especially for LGBTQ+ AAPI youth.

23:20- Why limiting social media may be helpful to prevent triggers of our trauma responses

26:00- How to embrace the full range of emotional experiences when you might not have been taught to

28:20- Physical effects and manifestations of chronic stress and underlying mental health symptoms

29:30- Linguistic barriers to seeking mental health services

31:00- Sharing how All The Love: Healing Your Heart and Finding Meaning After Pregnancy Loss focuses on the intersectionality of BIPOC, queer and trauma

35:00- What gives me hope